Ba Khan Valley

Ba Khan Valley

About 100 km from Hanoi, Ba Khan seems to be separated from the outside world. But whoever has the chance to set foot must be surprised before the charming landscape here.

Ba Khan Valley

Ba Khan is the name of a commune in Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province, just 100km from Hanoi. Tourists traveling through Hoa Binh Thung Khe, when stopping at the foot of the pass will find immediately a Ba Khan quietly engulfed in the virtual mist sea like a strange land. Ba Khan is composed of three hamlets: Khan Ha, Khan Ho, and Khan Thuong, along the Da river. With the charming scenery, monumental mountains and hills, Ba Khan are like “Ha Long on land”.

The name is Ba Khan because there are three hamlets are Khan Thuong, Khan Ho, and Khan Ha, nestled in the poetic Da River all year round. So in the valley of Ba Khan, people can admire the charming scene, touching the heart of people. In the midst of the majestic mountains, the scenery fused together like paintings, Ba Khan is like a second Halong Bay on land beside Tam Coc in ninh binh vietnam, becomes the ideal place to stop when people feel bored for the life busy.

The road leading to Ba Khan is now well-poured concrete, serving tourists Hoa Binh. However, the natural beauty of the northern mountains still intact. The road to the Ba Khan valley, one side is the green mountains and the other is the quiet water of Da River hidden in the fog, all make up the multi-color paintings, fragrant grassland, soothing the weariness in the heart of travelers.

By the end of the Ba Khan valley, visitors from hoa lu tam coc tour to Ba Khanwill find a large white waterfall in the middle of the forest covered with trees, it is Go Mu waterfall. The rustling of the wind and the murmur of the water is like a typical Ba Khan sound that you should come here to contemplate.

Ba Khan Valley is surrounded by bamboo forest like a wonderland, the house here still retains the traditional architecture of Mai Chau people. From above, the houses covered by bamboo forest and trees show with only small roofs, making Hoa Binh tourists like to walk in the fairyland in the middle of real life.

In the autumn, the surface of the lake in the Ba Khan valley was calm and peaceful, not rippling. Early in the morning, the mist still lingers around the mountain, covering the surface of the lake with a thin silk like a dream to pull deep sleep. Then when the sun is shining, the lake is illuminated as a mirror reflecting in the white cloud with blue sky and the surrounding green forest. Then, when the sun wanted to sleep, the blazing sunshine of sunset is quietly tinged with color on every scene, so that every scenery come to the illusion, welcome the dark night.

In the midst of the lakeside and vast, visitors on “Halong bay on land tour” can admire themselves in the giant mirror and touch the hand to feel the natural coolness among the poetic landscape. Nothing is more fun to sit in the small boat, start the journey to discover Nature, breathe fresh air, and let natural life to fill the heart. Visiting through this strange forest, travelers like to admire the beautiful and unforgettable “film footage” .

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