Goi nhech

Delicious Dishes In Ninh Binh

In addition to the valuable historical relics and natural sceneries, Ninh Binh Vietnam also attracts visitors with its unique and delicious dishes that are boldly folk in the North. If you have the opportunity to Ninh Binh, you remember to taste the famous specialties which are mentioned as follow.

Scorched rice

Ninh Binh scorched rice is one of the most famous culinary specialties of Ninh Binh. The development of this specialty is mainly along the National Road No. 1, Ninh Binh City and tourist areas. Ninh Binh crunchy rice is different from other areas from the process to the accompanying sauces. The delicious Ninh Binh scorched rice has light yellow color, crunchy and crispy but still sticky and fragrant.

Goi nhech

In Ninh Binh province there are many places to introduce this dish, but goi nhech in Kim Son is considered as the best. To prepare the excellent dish, you need a series of extremely strenuous work. This dish has the scent of the sticky rice, the sour taste of the vinegar and the spicy taste of ginger with garlic, chili, pepper, and lemongrass. This fish salad is made from fragrant local paddy field ell, so its taste is very specific, making you remember forever on the first try.

Goi nhech

Mountain snails

Mountain snails are found in the limestone mountains of Tam Diep town, Yen Mo, Nho Quan. They usually appear only from April to August every year that is in the rainy season, when the weather is wet. The main food of this snail is the wild plants growing in the mountains, including precious medicinal plants. So in the preprocessing, people just washed gently so that the snails can still keep the smell of medicinal plants. The snail meat is crispy and sweet. Mountain snails can be made into many dishes: snail steamed with ginger, snail sautéed lemongrass, mixed snail salad, and so on.

Goat Meat

The Hoa Lu goat meat is processed many other dishes such as Vietnamese fermented goat sausage, steamed goat meat, grilled goat meat, goat raw blood pudding, but tai de (rare goat meat) is still the first choice of visitors on Ninh Binh daily tours. The deliciousness of this dish depends on the skillful cleverness of chief and also the special spicy. They are the leaves, the accompanying fruit and especially the ginger sauce. Tai de is a delicious food used to make the body healthy, as well as medicinal remedies because goats in Ninh Binh eat a lot of leaves including medicinal precious plants.

Nem Yen Mac

It is unknown when Nem Yen Mac (Yen Mac fermented pork sausage) was handed down, but the gourmets here have long known this specialty. Today, nem Yen Mac has reached far and wide in many hotels, restaurants both inside and outside the province. Nem Yen Mac is made meticulously, marinated with guava leave and spices weekly. Nem Yen Mac must be accompanied by some guava leaves, fig leaves, and herbs dipped in the lemon sauce which is added some chilies, garlic, and pepper. Thus the new eaters feel the sweet taste, the spicy taste of this particular dish.

Perch sour soup

Truong Yen district (now known as Truong Yen commune, Hoa Lu district), which is home to many large and fatty perch fish. Perch is used for cooking sour soup, this is the specialty of the limestone mountain area. This sour soup, when processed, can not lack water pickles to deodorize and create attractive gentle sweetness. This dish has a sweet taste of fish and sour taste of pickled vegetables, and cool sweetness of tofu.

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Ell noodle

Along with scorched rice and goat meat, eel noodle is also a famous specialty in Ninh Binh. You can enjoy this dish at three restaurants, one close to the intersection of Tran Hung Dao Street, Ninh Binh City, one in Dragon Market, and the other in the provincial hospital. The scent of eel spread sweetly throughout a wide space here as welcoming visitors on private Ninh Binh tour, making them hardly ignore when coming to Ninh Binh.

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