Interesting Activities In Ben En National Park

Interesting Activities In Ben En National Park

Ben En Museum

Located right next to the welcome gate in Ben En tourist area, the museum stores antiques and historical relics that have been left for a long time. The museum is built very spaciously and modern, with a cool window system, and the museum is surrounded by pink peaches and a direct view of the Muc Lake.

Interesting Activities In Ben En National Park

If you go on a halong bay on land tour, the tour guide will introduce you to the highlights and historical facts related to the exhibited item. However, it should be noted that there is no use of cameras or any kind of physical copying material.

Outside the museum, there is also a large hall that is a meeting and meeting place for tourists and management. In the middle of the hall, there is a large table and managements are willing to sit and chat with guests with the hot teacups.

Forest with all animals

As a place to live and survive of the most precious animals, Ben En Thanh Hoa National Park is a diverse living environment that helps to regulate the ecosystem. You will probably be surprised to hear the howling of the forest gibbons, or when a monkey jumps right in front of you. It is a place to preserve rare animals such as red-eyed monkeys, phoenix, white-cheeks langurs.

In addition, Ben En tourist area also converges a full range of rare plants that are facing the risk of extinction such as Erythrophleum fordii, Cinnamomum balansae, Chukrasia tabularis, etc. which are well protected for breeding genes and to make rare plants have an ideal environment to survive and develop.

Ben En is not only a beautiful place to visit and relax with nature, Ben En tourism is also a golden opportunity for us to recognize and raise awareness of environmental protection and conservation of rare and important animal and plant species for human life.

Camping in the forest

Ben En National Forest has many hills that are suitable for camping or sleeping in a tent overnight. Camping activities here are allowed and free. There is also the service of renting tents and canvas accordingly if visitors from ninh binh vietnam are unprepared. The food suitable for camping can include fast food, canned dishes, just clean and delicious.

In the sweltering heat of the summer days or the fresh, cool atmosphere of the autumn days, the feeling of reading together or placing a lunch break in the middle of the wilderness of the forest is an unforgettable experience. Travelling and camping is always a favourite activity that helps to bond and relax after many hard-working days of big families or close friends.

However, when camping, you should pay attention to observing the appropriate locations, avoiding the direct creation of a fire in the middle of the forest that may cause a risk of the forest fire. After finishing camping in Ben En National Park, tourists should be aware of the cleanup garbage, bottles.

Explore more than 20 small islands on the Muc river

It is not natural for tourists to come here to consider Ben En as Ha Long bay on land of Thanh Hoa. The islands here are small but very shimmering with spectacular cliffs and deep caves.

To visit all 20 islands, it will take 3-4 days, but tourists can choose some beautiful islands with romantic names such as: Hi Vong Island (Hope), Ngoc Island (Pearl), Hanh Phuc Island (Happiness), Xuan Thai cave … These islands always bustling with “the concert” of chirping birds and the impressive beauty of wild animals. Tourists from ninh binh amazing tour can not be ignored stopping to take a memorable picture.

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