Mua Cave – The Challenging Destination For Young People

Mua Cave – The Challenging Destination For Young People

The North is blessed with beautiful nature, with many wonders, majestic and spectacular mountains. Ninh Binh also is created with many charming landscapes from the hands of Mother Nature. It seems to be not attractive, but those who know “Halong Bay on land” – Trang An certainly cannot ignore Ninh Binh in the journey to explore the most beautiful sceneries in life myself. And coming to Trang An, Mua Cave – Great Wall of Vietnam – is an exciting destination, tied to the fairy tales and endless beauty that visitors feel amidst the vast space.

Mua Cave – The Challenging Destination For Young People

Coming Mua Cave, follow self-sufficient travel or tour?

Choosing a self-sufficient trip or travel tour depends on your purpose and personality. If you are afraid of planning, looking for a place for meals and for rest and you expect to explore in a planned way without worries, an amazing Ninh Binh tour is a great choice. There are many cheap Ninh Binh tours, with convenient transportation and comfortable services.

If you have much free time and would like to explore by yourself, especially to improve the travel experience, it is better for you to choose a trip by yourself. The distance of more than 100km from Hanoi will not be too far for a trip by motorbike or car. You will be free on choosing places to eat, to play and to stay.

How to reach Mua Cave?

Nowadays, visitors can reach Ninh Binh by any means of transportation. You can go by cars, bus services of travel agencies to experience the comfort during the trip. If you go by yourselves, you can take a taxi or self-drive your car. Train and bus is also a good trip, but when you reach Ninh Binh, it also essential to rent a bike or a motorbike to explore more conveniently.

With a distance shorter than 100 km, the motorcycle is probably the best, because the road is easy to go, without being dependent, this cheap vehicle suitable for young people. However, you also should pay more attention to driving carefully and strictly obeying the traffic law.

The best time to visit Mua Cave

Located in the heritage complex of Trang An – Mua Cave is a beautiful place all year round, so you can completely go all the time. You just avoid the rainy season as it is hard to travel, and the landscapes taken will not be beautiful.

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The most beautiful Mua Cave is perhaps in the rice season, which means the autumn, green rice and ripen rice all have their own beauty. Coming to Mua Cave on a sunny day is better. But on summer days, the hot and hard weather will affect much to your mood and make your visit less perfect. It is better to choose the coolest time of the day to go, at the sunset or dawn.

The story of Mua Cave

Mua Cave is located in Khe Dau Ha village, Ninh Xuan commune, Hoa Lu district, located at the foot of Mua mountain in the of Trang An eco-tourism complex. The terrain here is quite special with mountain boulders covering the whole of the vast plain as a Great Wall to protect the country inside. The name of the Mua cave (Dance Cave) is also derived from a story of the ancient kings: King Tran moved to Hoa Lu often came here to enjoy singing and dancing performance.

Coming to Mua Cave, you have to overcome 486 stone steps built with the architectural style of the Great Wall.  You should go to the Cave in the afternoon only because at that time you will be protected by the rock from the burning sun.

Climbing up to the top of the mountain, you will feel all troubles dissolve. in front of you is a large Tam Coc rice field, or immense river sparkling. In the center of the cave vestige, there is a green lake as well as beautiful jade. The Bai Dinh – Trang An 1 day tour will surely end with beautiful images on your memory card.

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