Nau Ruou Cave

Nau Ruou Cave

Nau Ruou Cave, a charming place in the middle majestic and romantic landscape, will be an attractive destination during the summer trip.

Nau Ruou Cave

There is a cave filled with the passionate fragrance of the liquor which is brewed in a special way. There is a mysterious cave located in the Trang An tourist area that you can not ignore when traveling to Ninh Binh. That is the Nau Ruou Cave (Liquor Cave). The liquor jars are brewed from the fresh water, which was the excellent product to dedicate the king in the feudal period, now again enchanting travelers. Let’s explore this Trang An tourist complex to find out about this unique liquor cave!
Nau Ruou Cave is located in Trang An ecological tourism area, as an ecological tourist area located in the World Heritage Complex of Trang An in Ninh Binh Vietnam. Trang An is known as one of the famous destinations which have poetic and charming scenery, with green of mountain and clear water. Following Ninh Binh amazing tour, you cannot ignore the opportunity to sit down the boat floating in the cool and transparent water, immerse in the airy and fresh atmosphere of nature.

To visit the Trang An tourist site, visitors must visit Trang An boat wharf located about 3 km from the ancient capital of Hoa Lu. Ninh Binh is an appropriate choice for friends, family vacation in this summer tour. Coming here, you can be far away from the hot scene of summer, the harsh sun and the muggy wind, enjoy the fresh air of heaven, make the soul comfortable after the worries of the life outside.

Referring to the tour of Trang An during the trip to Ninh Binh, an interesting thing must be mentioned is the wandering in the narrow and dark caves, pulling paddle to hear the murmuring water, being merged into the limestone caves formed over thousands of years. Each cave is a different landscape, a different experience.

Ba Giot Cave is magical with many colorful stalactites. There is a stalactite with the strange shape as a banyan tree that grows from the ceiling downwards. Especially, stalactites in Ba Giot cave are not as dry as the other caves, but they are soaked and consecutively transform, forming new forms and shades. Boi Cave with a deep entrance to the cave is dense with many so species of plants that sunlight can not shine on the road, creating a mossy way with a thick carpet from leaves.

Nau Ruou cave bringing visitors to a region of passionate with the charming and ecstatic flavor of the jars of wine which are brewed in a special way.

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Legend has it that this place has a deep water circuit of more than 10 meters, fresh and sweet, suitable for cooking delicious liquor. In the past, this wine was used only for the king. The jar of wine is stored in the cave, absorbs the essence of heaven and earth, of nature, to be an amazing flavor enchanting people. Visitors to Ninh Binh, coming to Trang An on this summer trip, will have a memorable experience when you are in harmony with a passionate space.

Sitting on a small boat through the stalactite caves, you will listen to the boatman introducing the origin of the cave named Nau Ruou (Liquor), the cave of 250m long cave with thousands of jars of wine everywhere. In the midst of a charming scenery of Trang An Complex, there is a cave that is so ecstatic by the wine aroma. It will be an unforgettable memory in this Ninh Binh tour.

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