Nga Son - Sacred Land With Extraordinary People

Nga Son – Sacred Land With Extraordinary People

A place associated with the fairy tale, a legendary countryside of the land of Thanh Hoa – a neighbor of Ninh Binh Vietnam, it is what Nga Son evoked in the heart of visitors. Coming here, people like to get into a realm of fairyland, a step into the scene of heaven, creating the poetic charm attracting travelers in the travel Thanh Hoa.

Nga Son - Sacred Land With Extraordinary People

Nga Son is a coastal plain district, about 40km northeast of Thanh Hoa city, about 14km east of the National Highway 1A and 150km south of Hanoi. It seems that there are not many places which are blessed with many beautiful landscapes and historical relics such as this land. Traveling to Nga Son is to explore the beauty of a rural countryside, a countryside bearing the mark of ancient time.

When coming Nga Son, the first impression which makes visitors from Ninh Binh amazing tour surprised is that there were 250 cultural relics in the district of which 42 were ranked. The more amazing these relics are associated with the legends that each of us often hear her, listening to mother since childhood.

Nga Son is no less romantic with charming scenery. Hoat river running through this place brings the rich and fertile beauty, evokes the romance of a coastal countryside. From above, along the banks of the river is Tam Diep mountain horns with stunning landscapes associated with the legends, creating the unforgettable charm for visitors who come to the place carrying many miracles.

According to the Ninh Binh amazing tour to Nga Son, visitors can find the temple relics Mai An Tiem, where worships Mai An Tiem, a legendary character in Hung King period. In their mind, the image of a straightforward, honest and truthful man, who planted the first red watermelon will be more clear. But in the subconscious of the people here, Mai An Tiem is also the hero who exploit and built this land. Perhaps, therefore, he is called the “father of planting watermelon” and the temple worshiping him is set up at the foot of the mountain, where it is thought to be the land that his family lived in the past.

Leaving the relic bearing the early imprint of Nga Son, tourists will come to Tu Thuc Cave, also known as Bich Dao Cave, Bong Dao Cave, which is associated with the Legend of meeting between Tu Thuc and the fairy. Before your eyes are the cave with magnificent stalactites of many shapes such as a gold tree, silver tree, ponds, dragon, chess tables, etc.

In the space of sparkling, fanciful, people suddenly find that the stone seems to have a soul, creating multi-dimensional emotions. The scenery of the land and the heaven scene are mixed to each other, make people surprised about the beauty that Mother Nature has given to the mystical land of Nga Son.

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Traveling Nga Son, visitors cannot ignore the waterfront of Than Phu, where is the important position on the way of development to the South of the Vietnamese.

Not only is the place associated with the ancient stories of folk, Nga Son is also a place of convergence of historical relics: Ba Dinh battlefield – where Can Vuong troops and people in three villages Mau, Thuong and My Khe defeated many attacks of the French army, Le Thi Hoa temple – a female general of Hai Ba Trung stayed with the people to reclaim this land, who passed away bravely in fight against the invaders. In addition, there are Phu Phuong, Phu Thong, Bach Tuong Pagoda, Bach A Pagoda, Thach Tuyen Pagoda, all are very majestic and monumental.

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