Three Most Famous Specialties In Ninh Binh

Three Most Famous Specialties In Ninh Binh

Coming to the ancient land of Ninh Binh tourists not only can be immersed in the majestic beauty of the complex of Trang An scenic spots, Tam Coc – Bich Dong tourist resort, pilgrimage in Bai Dinh Pagoda which is the largest pagoda in Southeast Asia but also fascinated by the specialties in Ninh Binh Vietnam like mountain goat meat, scorched rice, etc.

Mountain goat meat

Mountain goat meat is the unique and most famous dish in Ninh Binh. goat meat in Ninh Binh is especially delicious than goat meat in other areas, perhaps because the goats live on the limestone mountain, free to run and eat a variety of herbal leaves, so the goat meat is more delicious and healthier than that in other places.

Traditional Ninh Binh goat meat with its own secrets can be processed into a variety of dishes such as goat meat hot pot, fried goats, rare goat meat, stir-fried or baked goat meat. These specialties often are eaten with local herbs such as Polyscias fruticosa leaves, apricot leaves, Cluster fig leaves.

Most visitors on Ninh Binh daily tours prefer lemon rare goat meat by the sweetness of the meat mixed with the mild sour taste of lemon that make anyone who tries a piece cannot stop. Goat meat is dipped into boiling water to be cooked, then chopped into thin even pieces and then mixed with sesame, sliced lemongrass, lemon leaves, ginger, chopped fresh green pepper, lemon juice, and MSG. The goat meat must be eaten with the green fig leaves, green banana, apricot leaves, and indispensable ginger sauce.

In restaurants in Ninh Binh, visitors easily find many dishes made from goat meat. The rare goat meat is diversified with many dishes as dipped goat meat, fried goat meat, sesame goat meat, and so on. Dipped goat meat is sliced goat meat dipped in a pot of boiling water, the meat remains fresh pink color and sweetness. The fried goat meat is fried in over boiling oil pan, so it is fleshly and fatty.

Kim Son Liquor

Kim Son wine is distilled from glutinous rice, medicinal herbs, natural water wells, produced according to the know-how of the craft villages in Kim Son, Ninh Binh. Alcohol is usually high concentration, transparent. Previously, the wine was placed in the earthen jar with the cap which is dried banana leaves. With the esoteric experience, Kim Son liquor yeast has the ability to be preserved in a long time but still keep intact fragrance.

Guests who have the opportunity to taste the liquor Kim Son can feel the taste of the countryside in every drop of wine, feel the warmth spreading of human love, friendship, the fragrance of the golden rice fields, with the wind blowing, and find themselves enjoying the purity of nature.

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Yeast for making liquor made by families with long experience in the local is so very fragrant and dry. In order to have precious yeast, people put into it some medicinal products which are effective in blood circulation, disinfection. The liquor is good for health when soaked with snakes, gecko, starfish. Today, Kim Son wine is sold almost nationwide but the perfect taste which makes tourists captivated is only in Kim Son.

Scorched rice

Ninh Binh scorched rice is one of the famous specialties of Ninh Binh. Visitors on ninh binh full day tour will remember the crispy and fatty taste of the scorched rice mixed with the deliciousness of the hot sauce. Ninh Binh traditional scorched rice is made from rice Tam Thom or glutinous rice, in which Tam Thom rice in Hai Hau district of Nam Dinh province is the best. However, it is possible to use other types of rice more economical but still ensure the elements like aromatic, plastic taste when cooked.

Three Most Famous Specialties In Ninh Binh

To have a great scorched rice, cooking rice is the most important. Rice must be cooked with enough water, so the scorched rice is sticky and delicious. People also use a large and thick pot (usually using a cast iron cooker) to make scorched rice have brightly yellow color.

The dish of fire attracts many visitors because of the variety of assorted sauces served. At many restaurants, restaurants in Ninh Binh, the sauce is made from the mountain goat meat, creating a unique combination of two specialties – Ninh Binh goat meat and scorched rice.

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