Vietnam Is Beautiful In The Season Of Ripe Rice

Vietnam Is Beautiful In The Season Of Ripe Rice

The vivid picture of the vast rice fields and the enchanting terraced rice fields, captivate the hearts of people, creating the beautiful golden season throughout Vietnam.

Vietnam Is Beautiful In The Season Of Ripe Rice

Ha Giang

The North Pole region of the country is the place with the landscape of the most beautiful terraced fields in S-shaped strip of land. The rice fields here are cascaded, layered stretches from the ridge to another ridge. Every occasion of the harvest, the photographers and professional backpacking travellers come here to hunt for the rice harvest season.

Lang Son

Located about 160 km from Hanoi, Bac Son valley (Lang Son) is also a great destination for you to admire the poetic scenery of ripe rice fields.

Rice in Bac Son is planted not at the same time, so there are both green and golden fields. The combination of green and ripe yellow rice fields forms unique and interesting colors. The right time to watch ripe rice in Bac Son is mid-November.

Lao Cai

Belonging to Bat Xat district (Lao Cai), Y Ty is a place of rattan hunting that attracts many young people in recent years. This majestic mountain land possesses soft fields that meander like hundreds of charming golden waves that give you the feeling of being completely different from other places.

In addition to Y Ty, coming to Bat Xat district, you can also drive all over the mountains to find the beautiful angle to admire golden fields in communes such as A Lu, Ta Cu Ty, and Sang Ma Sao …

The familiar name of Northwestern tourism, Sa Pa (Lao Cai) is also a terraced fields paradise with a harmonious soft beauty of yellow ripe harmonious rice in the romantic and poetic forest and mountain scenery.

Yen Bai

If you list the most spectacular places to hunt photos of ripe rice, Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai) will stand at the top. Located at the foot of the majestic Hoang Lien Son range, Mu Cang Chai terraced fields are like the music keys of the heaven, rhythmically singing the bright yellow music.

Coming to Mu Cang Chai in September and October, when the rice is ripe, you are lost in the immense golden sea, lively, everywhere, radiating the colors of the harvest season.

Not too magnificent such as Mu Cang Chai, Tu Le valley (Yen Bai) with beautiful looks like a beautiful girl of the mountainous region. With a peaceful and casual beauty, Tu Le makes anyone visit and feel captivated.

Ninh Binh

Tam Coc – Bich Dong (ninh binh vietnam) is about 100 km from Hanoi, located in the famous trang an eco-tourism. You can absolutely admire the wonderful scenery of ripe rice fields in Tam Coc on the weekend.

On hoa lu tam coc tour, engaging with nature in the countryside, you relax watching the poetic look of rice fields blooming on the 2 banks of the river, creating from beautiful, light colors and enjoying peaceful moments.

Thanh Hoa

This time is also very suitable to visit and enjoy the cool and clear flavor in Pu Luong. Located in the northwest of Thanh Hoa province, Pu Luong nature reserve is very impressed with the pristine scenery and beauty, especially the terraced fields stretching in the primeval forest.

Pu Luong in the season of ripe rice, the terraced fields on the hillside turn into bright yellow, the scenery is dyed in a lyrical and rich color.

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