Fish God Stream in Thanh Hoa

Fish God Stream in Thanh Hoa

Cam Luong Fish God Stream (Cam Luong Fish God Cave) is home to concentrated populations of fish that are preserved and revered by local ethnic minorities. This is a unique and popular tourist destination in the Thanh Hoa tourism route from 1 day tour in ninh binh.

Fish God Stream in Thanh Hoa

Overview of Fish God

Fish God Stream, also called Mo Ngoc Stream, is located at the foot of Truong Sinh Mountain, Luong Ngoc village, Cam Luong commune, Cam Thuy district. The stream stretches about 2 km, flowing from a rock cave at the foot of the mountain, into the valley lying on the south of the Ma River. Currently, there is a bridge over the Ma River, visitors can easily pass.

This place is 80km from the center of Thanh Hoa city – a neighbor of ninh binh vietnam, so it is not too far to see the interesting thing in this small stream, that is tens of thousands of fish with the strange shape, full of color and size, their body lightens when swimming.

Tourists from Ninh Binh amazing tour coming here love to caress the fish, watch them swim. Crowded, crammed in the stream just over a hundred meters long, but the stream water is not foul, local people here also take the water for cooking, washing, and absolutely, no one to eat fish meat in this stream. Therefore, the stream of Cam Luong fish stream is called the Fish God Stream.

Fish Stream in Luong Ngoc village is home to thousands of small fish, weighing 2-8 kg, especially weighing up to 30 kg (Fish Lord).

Fish swim here only around a stretch of more than 100 meters and do not swim further. In the evening, they come back to the shelter cave. In addition to eating leaves fall from above, fish are also protected and fed by the security team here 1 or 2 times a week.

According to local officials, the fish population in Cam Luong stream is also known as Spinibarbus maensis fish, belonging to the Cyprinidae and in the Red Book of Vietnam. This dark blue fish has two bright red edges that shine like a beautiful pearl.

The legend of Fish God

Local people believe that this is a rare fish species and the abundance of fish will bring peace and prosperity to the lives of local people.

As a person living near the fish stream over 80 years, Mr. Dinh Trong Tam said that the origin of the fish started from a legend of the snake god. Accordingly, there was the old couple who has no children. One day, the wife when going fishing a fish caught a strange egg.

She brought it back for her husband, and they tried to hatch it, and it hatched a snake. The couple brought the snake into the Ngoc stream to release it. Strangely, after being free, the snake turned back home. Considered as a predestined relationship, the couple decided to raise the snake.

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Since snake was raised in the house, rice fields have enough water, drought scenes in the area no longer. The Snake lived with his family and Muong villager in a peaceful and warm atmosphere … Suddenly it was a heavy rain with lightning thunder, and in the next morning, villagers found the snake dead lying to the foot of Truong Sinh mountain.

The villagers buried it at the foot of the mountain and set up a temple on its grave. Then the villagers were told by the snake in their dream that he had fought with the sea monsters destroying the village and the God let him become Dragon. From that, in Ngoc stream in front of the temple, there are thousands of fish and people in the area never eat these fish.

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