Kho Muong

Kho Muong

For visitors from Ninh Binh daily tours who love the natural beauty close to the human life of the golden terrace fields, the mountains and forests of the Northwest will immediately appear in their mind. However, not many people know that Thanh Hoa – a neighboring province of Ninh Binh Vietnam has some terraced rice fields in Kho Muong, this article will bring you here to experience the majestic nature and peace.

Kho Muong

Less than 150km from the center of Thanh Hoa city, on the top of the majestic Pu Luong mountain range, there is a very primitive and poetic valley of Kho Muong (Thanh Son upland commune, Ba Thuoc district) which is home of people White Thai. Located in the core zone of Pu Luong National Nature Reserve, away from other villages in the region, the journey to this place is a challenge.

The way leading to Kho Muong Valley is winding paths unfinished, one side is cliffs, and the other is a deep abyss with terraced rice fields and green lush forest. This is a road with beautiful natural scenery but also easy to make many people “hesitate” because of difficulty and hardship.

Looked from upward, Kho Muong appears with the simplicity of the stilted houses near the foot of the mountain. Most of the houses are roofed with straw, palm leaves, the cow and buffalo barns are under stilt houses as in the tradition in a thousand years. In front of the stilt houses are terraced paddy fields. Surrounding Kho Muong is the pristine primary forest as embracing and protecting the village.

According to the people here, “Kho” means the root or origin, “Muong” is the village. “Kho Muong” is the first place where people make their living in this area. About 300 years ago, some people in Lung Cao Commune went hunting, found this valley quite flat with abundant water sources from the streams, so they decided to go there and create the poetic and rich village as today.

The best time to explore the beauty of Kho Muong is in May and October, in the season of harvesting rice. At that time, the village appeared with rich beauty, the warm and brilliant yellow of ripening rice alternating smooth green of forests. The rice fields are so vast that touch the heart of visitors from Ninh Binh full day tour, far away, the stilt houses are hidden among the mountain ranges and wild forests.

This valley is also where the sunlight coming quite late. Every bit of weak sunshine illuminating through the trees, making the valley brighten after a good night sleep. Everything seemed to be pretty early, the night dew still lingering on the leaves and glistening by the rays of sunlight.

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In the early morning, when dawn has not waked up, villagers have called each other to harvest rice. In each field, the people quickly harvest to dry it under the sun. Rice is wrapped in small pieces, spread on the yard until it is dry.

The thrill of the harvest season lasted until the evening when the children in the village play. Simple and rustic, the smell of fresh rice spread, mixed with fresh straw, creates a passionate aroma.

In addition to the long terraced fields, you can visit nearby sites such as Pu Luong Nature Reserve with many rare plants and animals, or admire Doi cave with the mystical bats. But wherever you go, you also remember to return to Kho Muong to enjoy the food here, it can be very rustic dishes like rice, banana flower salad, corn wine containing love of the people of this country.

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