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Ninh Binh Specialties You Can Buy As Gifts For Friends

During travels, the most enjoyable things are being in harmony with the rustic life of local people, feeling the full beauty of charming landscapes, saving the wonderful moments. Besides, there is an important thing that is buying travel gifts associated with the locality to make memories for yourself and to give relatives, friends.

Referring to the land of Ninh Binh is mentioning to the famous places not only in the country but also with international friends. Ninh Binh is well-known with many alluring sceneries such as Trang An, Bich Dong, the “natural painting” Van Long Lagoon, the largest temple Bai Dinh pagoda which holds the most records of the country.

In Ninh Binh, there are two specialties that any visitor to this place must enjoy and buy as gifts for families and friends. It is com chay (Scorched rice) and the dishes processed from goat meat.

Com chay

Com chay is so simple and rustic that you think you can find com chay anywhere. But Ninh Binh’s scorched rice is not so simple, this is one of the most famous culinary specialties of this land. Ninh Binh scorched rice is different from that in other places in cooking methods and the accompanying sauce. Rice is carefully selected from the best kind of rice, especially the Tam Thom rice in Hai Hau. Com chay Ninh Binh is light yellow, uniformly, crispy but still plastic, fatty without bored.

Com chay

Goat Meat

Ninh Binh is also famous for its delicious mountain goats. In addition to enjoying the delicious mountain goats right in Ninh Binh tour, the nearby visitors will bring fresh goat meat. In contrast, the far away will choose the type of processed meat and among them, you should not miss nem de (goat spring roll) in Ninh Binh. Nem de has the sweet and sour taste with the amazing scent, making visitors enjoyed right in the first time trying it. Nem de is eaten with fig leaves, guava leaves, carrots, star fruit, green bananas, etc.

Nho Quan Liquor

Nho Quan liquor is one of the special gifts that many tourists prefer to buy as gifts for family, relatives, and friends in Ninh Binh tourism.

Nho Quan liquor is a non-distillate liquor, used from brown rice (cooked rice) cooked into rice mixed with yeast, then brewed in a jar for more than 3 months. Nho Quan yeast is a combination of ebony bark with Galangal root, ginger, guava leaves. It creates a unique blend of warmth and flavor, which makes people attracted for a moment of enjoyment.

During the trip to Ninh Binh this summer, visitors do not forget to choose the jar of Nho Quan liquor in Nho Quan town or in the market in Ninh Binh Vietnam!

Kim Son Liquor

Kim Son liquor is not only a specialty of Ninh Binh province but also one of the 10 most famous specialty wine of Vietnam, produced from traditional villages in the Kim Son.

Kim Son is made from glutinous rice and fermented with 36 kinds of medicinal herbs and natural water of wells according to the traditional distillation process. Therefore, Kim Son wines have a sweet taste and high concentration.

At the same time, visitors can come to the wine-making village of Lai Thanh, Phat Diem, Hoa Lac, … to buy specialty wine jars in the Ninh Binh tourism! Besides, in order to be able to choose the delicious Kim Son jars, visitors remember to choose the wine jar which is brewed for many years!

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