See The Ripe Rice On The Ngo Dong River

See The Ripe Rice On The Ngo Dong River

Ninh Binh Vietnam in each season attracts tourists with different beauty. If in the early days of spring, hundreds of thousands of bustling visitors come to Bai Dinh pagoda festival, then in May, June is the opportunity for us to come to see ripe rice on Ngo Dong river at the foot of Tam Coc.

See The Ripe Rice On The Ngo Dong River

Ngo Dong River is a magical river that takes visitors through Tam Coc – a famous tourist attraction of Ninh Binh province located 100km from Hanoi. The journey through the limestone mountains, weaving through 3 caves including Ca cave, Hai cave and Ba cave, makes visitors on ninh binh amazing tour feel like they are walking in another “Ha Long Bay” than a lyrical river. Coming to Tam Coc and Ninh Binh in the harvest season, a small boat will take visitors from the wharf along the river to watch ripe rice on the Ngo Dong River and enjoy the beauty of Tam Coc.

Golden season on Ngo Dong River

The end of May to the beginning of June is the most beautiful time in Tam Coc. Visitors to Ninh Binh in this season will not only discover 3 caves: Ca cave, Hai cave and Ba cave in the population of magnificent ecological caves in Trang An, but also see the rice fields that are reclining from green to yellow, looking like a smooth carpet covering the river.

All 3 beautiful caves in Tam Coc are located in the south of Hoa Lu ancient capital. Tam Coc (meaning 3 caves) is formed by the Ngo Dong river winding around the foot of the mountain. This place has been classified as a special national monument, and is favorably nicknamed “Ha Long Bay on land of Ninh Binh”. It can be said that Tam Coc is a natural beauty spot that nature favours to bestow Ninh Binh land.

Boating on the river

You buy tickets at the river wharf and will be arranged to board the small boat that looks like the leaves put close to each other, along the Vung Tram wharf. Each boat, in turn, left the dock when there are enough guests (three or four guest each boat). Most boat drivers are women, they will gently use two oars to control that small boat on the magical river.

Two oars are tied to the boat, the boatman kept leaning back, using the control legs as the habit they have done for many years. The reason for using rowing is because the motorboat will make noise, polluting the river. And it is the slow rhythm of the small boat, the oars that swarm into the fairy area that is enough for visitors to savour the different flavour of going into the strange unique waterway.

Admire golden rice on Ngo Dong River

Sitting on a boat along the Ngo Dong River, moving slowly among the smooth rice fields to admire the river, visitors on Halong bay on land tour will see the beauty of Tam Coc appearing peacefully on the ripe rice fields, in the majesty of the mountains.

Ngo Dong is not only a small river flowing through Ninh Hai commune but also becomes the “soul” of Tam Coc. Tam Coc farmers use the river water to irrigate fields, take care of each rice. In the fragrant ripe rice season, each field change to golden color, colouring the river more dreamy. The river blends around each field curled up through the mountains, then merged into the field again, looking so poetic.

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