Famous Ninh Binh Traditional Handicraft village

Famous Ninh Binh Traditional Handicraft village

Ninh Binh is an ancient land, where there are many famous historical, cultural and scenic sites such as Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Trang An Ecological Tourist Area, Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Phat Diem Stone, etc. This place is also a land of many traditional villages with a long history like Embroidery Van Lam village, Traditional Sedge Kim Son Village, Ninh Van stone carving village, Phuc Loc carpenter village, and so on.

Famous Ninh Binh Traditional Handicraft village

The skillful hands and creative minds of the people of traditional villages have made products that are not only beautiful, economically valuable but also culturally rich and contain high values.

  1. Ninh Van stone carving village.

Ninh Van stone carving village is located in Xuan Vu village, Ninh Van commune, Hoa Lu district, is a famous and unique stone carving village in and outside the province. The stone carving profession here has existed for a long time, going through many generations, along with the ups and downs of history.

From the rugged stone, through the hands of workers has become the perfect work of art. Products include statues, animal statues, ornamental tanks, headstone, jewellery, flower pots, tables, chairs, sofa, bridges, gates, thresholds, rafters, … All are carved delicately, look vivid, elegant, flexible, soft, by the hands and minds of artisans.

  1. Kim Son sedge craft village.

Kim Son sedge craft village is located near the sights of Phat Diem Stone Church, in Kim Son district. The sedge village has been in Kim Son for nearly two centuries, through hundreds of years of sea encroachment, Kim Son people have created vast mudflats to grow sedge and take it as a raw material to produce sedge mats. Kim Son sedge mat has long been famous all over the country because of very durable sedge material and beautiful pattern. Today, sedge craftsmen Kim Son have created countless products made from sedge such as carpets, trays, boxes, plates, cups, hats, bags, etc.

  1. Van Lam embroidery embroidery village.

Van Lam embroidery village is located in Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district, located in Tam Coc – Bich Dong tourist area. Legend has it that the embroidery here dates back to the Tran dynasty over 800 years ago. Ms Tran Thi Dung, the wife of Thai Su (king’s teacher in feudalism) Tran Thu Do, taught the local people how to make embroidery. With colourful slender threads, with wide or narrow cloths, with skilful hands, embroidery scraftmen has created vivid and smooth works of art. Embroidery products are plentiful: clothes, bed sheets, curtains, pillows, tablecloths, paintings, photos, etc. and are popular among domestic and international tourists.

  1. Bo Bat pottery craft village

Bo Bat old pottery village is now Bac Lien village, Yen Thanh commune, Yen Mo district. Bo Bat pottery has thousands of years of history and is the origin of Bat Trang pottery today. According to historical records, Bo Bat pottery village is Bach Bat village – Bo Xuyen, the ancient Thanh Hoa of Ai Chau was famous from thousands of years ago with ceramic products for decoration and construction. The main products are cups, bowls, plates, vases, wind chimes, fine-art ceramic paintings, art ceramic statues decorated with patterned brocade motifs and painted with unique colours.

  1. Phuc Loc carpentry village

Phuc Loc carpentry village in Ninh Phong ward, Ninh Binh city is a famous traditional trade village specializing in the production of wooden products and handicrafts. The village was started the profession hundreds of years ago and developed in the direction of hereditary. In the past, workers of Phuc Loc created wooden products with exquisitely carved features for the church, pagoda, temple and family house. Phuc Loc carpentry village is considered a place to preserve and preserve the essence of traditional carpentry, known and selected by customers in and outside the province.

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