Ninh Binh - A Treasure Of Vietnam

Ninh Binh – A Treasure Of Vietnam

Ninh Binh is considered as the most beautiful scenery and the favorite destination for many travelers. The land of Ninh Binh is not only beautiful by the beautiful and poetic landscapes, specialties such as burning rice, goat meat or Kim Son liquor, but also by the cultural values, the spiritual value that each visitor can feel when coming to this land. Visiting Ninh Binh this summer and enjoying beautiful landscapes and tasty food, why not?

Ninh Binh - A Treasure Of Vietnam

Cuc Phuong Forest

Cuc Phuong forest preserves many of the flora and fauna of Vietnam. With a forest area of up to 25,000 hectares, Cuc Phuong is like a large nature museum for visitors to explore. Going for a walk in the green of Cuc Phuong Forest, visitors of cuc phuong eco tourism have the opportunity to admire the ancient trees, wildflowers, rare animals, forest birds.

Thung Nang – brilliant and peaceful beauty

From Bich Dong, visitors only take 5 minutes by motorbike to be able to reach another beautiful scenery in Ninh Binh, which is Thung Nang. The water flowed silently as if the time is stopping, rows of trees on the side whisper with the cool wind and sun shines throughout the scene making the scenery shimmering. Going through the caves from one valley to another, visitors have the opportunity to see many beautiful paintings.

Am Tiem Cave – the picturesque cave

One of the hottest destinations in Ninh Binh recently is the Am Tien Cave. Approximately 10 km from the city center, belonging to the ancient relic of Hoa Lu in Truong Yen commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province, Am Tien is impressive for visitors by the harmony of nature and the poetic and mysterious beauty. There is also a pagoda that Queen Duong Van Nga lead a religious life at the end of life.

Kenh Ga Floating Village

In Vietnam, you not only can admire the romantic beauty in Hoi An with the poetic Hoai River but also immerse yourselves in peaceful Hoang Long River in Ninh Binh Vietnam with Kenh Ga floating village. It is not only Hoi An, but also Hoi Liem river, where the heart of the traveler is standing still. The Ninh Binh province also has a peaceful river, floating alongside the famed Kenh Ga river. people. The majestic mountains surround the floating village as the giant guardian of the villagers just as in some legendary story. There is also a famous hot spring, which helps tourists be relaxed.

Mua Cave – unforgettable destinations

Mua Cave is located in Khe Dau Ha village, Ninh Xuan commune, Hoa Lu district, which is not only a favorite place of many backpackers but also a “dream” of photographers to “hunt the golden rice season” in Tam Coc. Standing on Mua Cave, visitors have the chance to admire the beautiful scenery of Tam Coc fields and limestone mountains combining harmoniously in the eyes. To reach the cave, visitors have to try climbing the 486 steps, which will be a memorable experience.

Thien Ha Cave –Fairyland under the land

Thien Ha Cave is hidden in the Tuong mountain range, Son Ha Commune, Nho Quan District, Ninh Binh Province. The cave is ecstatic for travelers by the unreal world of stalactites inside the cave, looks like the galaxy. Discovered in 2007, although space is narrower than many other places, but still attractive to travelers in the world.

Dreaming Dong Chuong Lake

While Da Lat has charming Tuyen Lam lake, Nho Quan in Ninh Binh also has poetic Dong Chuong Lake. The lake is about 8km circumference, next to the green pine forest, like a giant sweet mirror. Coming to Dong Chuong Lake, visitors will feel the refreshing and enjoyment thanks to fresh air and the peaceful scene here.

Thung Nham – The gift of Mother Nature

Thung Nham – Birdlife ecological tourism is also an ideal stop for visitors to have fun experiences among wild nature. Located in Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District, Thung Nham is surrounded by limestone ridges and lush rainforest, with many caves and valleys which are home to more than 40 species of birds. To Thung Nham, visitors of Ninh Binh special daily tour will enjoy the picturesque scenery at all times of the day cute birds.

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