Destinations for New Year's Eve around Hanoi

Destinations for New Year’s Eve around Hanoi

During the Lunar New Year, the people of the capital in particular and the whole country, in general, have the need for spiritual tourist sites to pray for the new year of peace and prosperity.

Huong Pagoda

Huong Pagoda is located in Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Hanoi. It is a large cultural and religious complex with many temples and pagodas. It is located between the romantic nature of Yen Stream and Huong Tich Cave. …

This place has become familiar to people in the North in particular and people in the country in general. Huong Pagoda Festival takes place from January to March of the lunar calendar every year, attracts crowds of domestic and foreign tourists to visit, enjoy the spring air and enjoy the new year prosperity.

Hung King Temple

Historical relics of Hung Temple in Co Tich village, Hy Cuong commune, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province is a place for worshiping the Hung Kings who built the country, the ancestors of the Vietnamese nation. In ancient times this land was the central area of ​​Van Lang country, located between two rivers, like two giant trenches encircling the ancient capital of Hung Kings.

In addition to the incense offering to the Hung King, the Hung King festival also has many other exciting activities such as cooking contest, making chung cake and giay cake, xoan singing, etc.

Bac Ninh

Bac Ninh is well-known for its folk culture as a suitable destination for the traditional Tet holiday of the nation.

In the first lunar month, many special festivals will be opened such as the Lim festival (from 12 to 14 January lunar calendar) with many unique activities such as quan họ singing on boat, wrestling, rice cooking contest and so on, or festival of Kho Goddess (from 14 to end of January lunar calendar) with the tradition of asking bud, beginning for prosperous year.

In addition, visitors can choose to visit some famous temples in Bac Ninh such as But Thap Pagoda, Dau Pagoda, etc.

Nam Dinh

Vieng market takes place on January 8 of the lunar year in Vu Ban district and Nam Truc district, Nam Dinh which is a unique culture. Main products at the market are trees, livestock and farm equipment. In belief, this is the market for luck, both buyers and sellers participate with the desire to have luck in work and business.

The market participants in Vu Ban district can visit Phu Day, where worship Princess Lieu Hanh – one of the important gods of Vietnamese belief. Phu Day festival is held on the third lunar month.

Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh Vietnam is considered as an ideal tourist destination for Lunar New Year. Guests of amazing Ninh Binh tour have just had the opportunity to visit Bai Dinh Pagoda, the pagoda with Buddha copper statue largest in Asia, and have the opportunity to settle in quiet space and peace of Trang An river.

Destinations for New Year's Eve around Hanoi

Besides, Hoa Lu ancient relic site, Tam Coc – Bich Dong tourist resort or Cuc Phuong national park are also excellent choices for tourists on Ninh Binh special daily tour to explore.

Yen Tu Mountain

Yen Tu Festival takes place in Thuong Yen Cong Commune, Uong Bi District, Quang Ninh Province from January 10th to the end of the third lunar month. Yen Tu is a beautiful natural landscape, where the formation of Truc Lam Zen, owns many monuments, special works such as Dong Pagoda, Hoa Yen Pagoda, Hon Ngoc Pagoda, Mot Mai Pagoda …

The main activities in the festival are worshiping father of Truc Lam Zen Buddhism, offering incense Buddha, dragon dance, folk games, etc.

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